Researcher : Beek, Remco C.H. van de

Supervisor(s) :

Project Duration : July 1999 - July 2003

Project Description

CMOS is the main stream technology for digital data processing, and for reasons of cost and compactness the integration of the (analog) HF/RF front-end and back-end on the same chip is pursued. One of the problems that hinders full integration is the huge difference in signal level between full swing digital switching signals and RF oscillator signals on the one hand and weak RF antenna signals on the other. Due to the common substrate and IC package parasitics, the large signals can interfere with the weak antenna signal. Furthermore, deep submicron CMOS chips have to work at lower supply voltage. The aim of this project is to find new HF/RF front-end circuits that can work under these difficult conditions with satisfactory performance. The main focus is on the Frequency-Synthesizer to generate a stable frequency.